Our products and solutions

Technology we own

Intellectual property owned by GTP.

If there is a need, GTP will handle the technology transfer process of these products.

Technology WE distribute

Together with our partners we manage to implement railways technologies into real products.

GTP is the authorized distributor for the following technologies and solutions in selected countries.


Lineside Encoder Unit


TSI certified balise 

WDD / Axle Counter

Wheel Double Detector

Balise Toolbox



Centralized Traffic Control 

P80 Point Machine

Wayside electromechanical point machine

Hot Box / Hot Wheel Detector

High speed temperature detector 


Flat Wheel Detector

Level crossing object detector

LCP system (Level Crossing Protection) 

Are you interested to distribute your technology and solutions to a wider audience? GTP can help you with that!

A team with more than 50 years cumulative experience in the international railway industry, in top management positions.

Global Technology Partners is the authorized distributor for industry companies in selected countries that succeeded to implement the needs of our clients with the technology of our partners.

Our target is to introduce technology and solutions we and our partners own to the system integrators and fullfil their demands of functionality.

With our help, You will be able to achieve the full potential of your technology distribution and increase profits of your company.

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