Hot Axle Box (HABD) and Hot Wheel Detection (HWD) System

multi-beam (8-16 channels) infrared scanning with patented status monitoring (IVC) and RAC 

Operating Principle

The principle of the hot box detection is as follows: 

The infrared emission (9) of the wheel bearings (14) is guided with the help of a gold mirror (8) and a silicium-optics (6) into the infrared detector (5)

The data is evaluated by the controller (1) with 1M/samples and forwarded via Ethernet (12) to the track-side electronic components

 The power supply is drawn from (13)

Infrared measurements are amplified by the pre-amplifier (4) with internal Reference

The redundant auto calibration is done with the special dualchannel (RAC) Reference Element fitted in the heater hood (10). 

Technical Data

Service GUI Interface

Overview (HABD/HWD basic system)

Installation at the tracks 

Example Rack of double System

Sleeper with integrated wheel contact

HBD/HWD Highlights

• Easy to maintain (scanner change in 2-5 minutes)

• Multi-beam scanning for enhanced reliability (4-16 scan-points)

• High resistance against computer viruses (Linux OS)

• Modular scanner systems with TCP/IP Network

• Redundant auto calibration (RAC)

• 2D and 3D thermal images ensure a better diagnosis

• 120 mm / 140mm scanning range