BTM Antenna (ABTM)


The BTM Antenna (ABTM) is placed on the rolling stock underbody and picks-up information sent via the balise group met along the path by the rolling stock. The BTM Antenna shall provide a Tele-powering signal used for activating Up-link Balises. The Balise shall generate a magnetic field that shall be picked up by the On-board Antenna Unit.

BTM Antenna Technical Data

Dimensions (including fix connectors): 400 mm (W) x 134 mm (H) x 520 mm (D)

Dimensions (including fix and loose connectors): 400 mm (W) x 214 mm (H) x 520 mm (D)

Weight: 12 Kgms

Operating temperature: [-40°C; +70°C]

Transport temperature: [-40°C; +85°C]

Storage temperature: [-40°C; +85°C]

Height: 1800m asl

Annual average humidity: ≤ 75%

Maximum humidity over a period of 30 consecutive days: ≤ 95%

Handling mode: Mobile

Transmit Power Output: Magnetic field < 42 dBµA/m at 10m, with BTM Antenna

Transmission Frequency: 27.095 MHz

Receiving Frequency: 3.951 MHz – 4.516 MHz

Protection Degree: IP65

MTBF and standards