Central Control & Communications

The Generic Product is a platform for the realization and certification of redundant safety critical systems, with Safety Integrity Level equal to 4 (SIL4).

It contains the basic software, the firmware of the programmable components and the application conditions of the hardware components.

GTP owns the Intellectual property rights (IP) of the CCC module - Object controller based on IP communication.


  • Low Cost IXL platform

  • SIL-4 certifiable

  • User friendly and easy design & configuration tool.

  • Adaptable to several application and environment such as:

  1. CBI interlocking with relays rack

  2. Level Crossing Stand-alone Solution

  3. Light-Rail and Commuter Line

I/O board up to 10 configurable vital input output ports are present. This subsystem is equipped with two microprocessors, galvanically isolated and independent, which perform:

  • Crossover management of the controls and relay status of the output contacts made via bridge “H” of solid-state relays

  • Reading of input signal


CCC DUAL_SOM CPU Architecture

  • Dual SOM (System On Module) available on commercial Electronic market with safe communication for voting between them

  • Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 and a Microblaze processor.

  • The Microblaze manages the can bus communication with the Input / Output board and execute the voting mechanism for the safety system.

  • A Watchdog Card can manage I/O cards for a maximum outputs up to 50W.

  • 2 Ethernet , 2 Serial , 2 USB ports

Each section consists of 3 processors, 2 of which are dedicated to the Linux operating system and 1 dedicated to the real-time safety system for voting management and local and remote node management.

Between the two islands a communication port based on an Ethernet interface is present allowing the data exchange and synchronization frame to meet the SIL 4 requirements.

The operating system of the DUAL_SOM CPU is based on a custom Linux Distribution.


A compiler for the Linux application dealing with the safety system to control the Input /Output ports connected to a virtual machine is available.

Virtual Machine

The virtual machine hosts a UBUNTU 16.04 Linux operating system and an eclipse ide.

Safe Library

On the project page the user must select the libsafety library in order to access the API to control the input and output


Each CCC module can be installed on a 19” rack.

All I/O signals are connected to a terminal box by a single multiwire cable.

The power supply can be provided either with an internal module or obtained from external.


  • The system is completely functional tested on second run after modification of first release.

  • The system tested on climatic chamber at -40 +70

  • All design phases done with concurrence of safety assessor

  • The SIL4 certification is in progress

  • All components have 20 years commitment

  • Obsolescence is verified periodically